Design for Web, Mobile and Print

emily herzig floral studios

EH Floral Studios

Website for New Hampshire florist Emily Herzig. Built custom Wordpress theme from existing design.
popcap pvz website takeover

PopCap Games

Promotional takeover for marketing the smash hit game Plants vs Zombies.
popcap games website

PopCap Games

Website redesign for PopCap games.

Dr. Schwan: West Chester Dentist
west chester dentist

Dr. Schwan

Website for Dr. Schwan, West Chester Dentist. Built with Radiant CMS, a ruby on rails content management system.

Wappy Hour Web
wappy hour website

The Propaganda Factory

The web portion of the Seattle happy hour guide for the mobile phone.

Bounce Audio
bounce audio

Bounce Audio

Simple site for mobile content provider Bounce Audio.

Yoga Mojo Dojo
yoga mojo dojo

Yoga Mojo Dojo

Inner Athelete's side project to build a community Yoga studio.

Taylor Creek
taylor creek website

Taylor Creek Associates

Taylor Creek needed a super quick standards based site in order to provide a presence for their company.

Team Yoga
team yoga

Inner Athelete LLC.

A brochure site for Inner Athlete. The design constraint here was to make it simple to use for busy professional sports coaches.

Steve Kessel
steve kessel designs

Steve Kessel Designs

Simple portfolio site for 3d artist.

Playboy Mobile
playboy mobile

Dwango Wireless

A web based image delivery application for Playboy.

Implmented by the design and development teams at Dwango.

Rolling Stone Ringtones
rollingstone ringtones

Dwango Wireless

Redesign of Rolling Stone's ringtone delivery product.

Implmented by the design and development teams at Dwango.

Napster Ringtones

Dwango Wireless

Napster Mobile off-deck ringtone and wallpaper application.

Implmented by the design and development teams at Dwango.

Mini Fizz
mini fizz, usa

Dwango Wireless

Game support site for MiniFizz: a popular European mobile content provider.

Sadly, this never launched, but MiniFizz incorporated a lot of the ideas into their existing site.

beliefnet mobile website

Dwango Wireless

Beliefnet's popular ringtone and wallpaper site.